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Search, Find and Compare Investment Properties


Modern online tools for property investors to assess purchase viability and manage portfolio performance 

Interest Deduction changes, coming soon...

Whether you're a 1st time investor, or you have an established property portfolio ...

  • Prospects provides streamlined analysis of purchase scenarios

  • Prospects allows you to see your property details quickly, and compare new opportunities against your portfolio 

  • Prospects is easy to use

  • No more spreadsheets

  • No more calculators

  • No more waiting


Saving you time so you can reach your goals sooner.

Prospects offers you a range of features to meet your needs...


Automated online tools so you can assess purchase viability and compare multiple scenarios to match your needs


Track your property portfolio performance from

1 - 100+ properties


Easy to use anywhere, anytime for residential property. Commercial solution in development.

Do you...
  • find it hard to collate all the information needed to assess an opportunity?

  • find analysing properties time consuming?

  • want all the properties you're analysing to be accessible and in one place?

  • want to assess different scenarios using rent, capital growth or compare different renovation options?

  • want to know if a property meets my buying rules?

  • get your deposit, to buy again and build your portfolio

  • Struggle with spreadsheets, or paper based systems

How can Prospects
benefit you...
  • A user friendly system with processes that meet your needs will save you time

  • Visibility of opportunities through your personal Prospect list.

  • Making more informed decisions as you compare market influences against your portfolio e.g capital growth, interest

      rates or LVR changes

  • Be proactive, not reactive when you have the deposit to purchase your next property


  • Manage risk by maintaining a balanced portfolio of cash flow and capital growth


  • Track progress towards your goals of a growth model investment portfolio.

  • Access, Anywhere, Anytime

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From the creators of Prospects ...

We are New Zealand Property Investors,


We needed a tool in our toolbox to help us analyse our deals easily and quickly,

and to view our portfolio of properties.


Our lives are busy and we needed a simple, effective solution.

We have that solution ....  now we want to share it with you.

Built by Property Investors, for Property Investors.

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